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Maverick Music Volume 1


Rant 'n' Rave - Little Girl

An upbeat, Zydeco tinged number from the Essex four-piece. Comprising Doug and Sandra Brown, Ron Bennett and Kieran Carrigan, the band has already released two highly acclaimed albums to date and are currently touring up and down the UK.


The Good Intentions - Everybody Loves A Drinking Man

Hailed as the Best Americana Act of 2011, the Good Intentions are R Peter Davis, Gabrielle Monk and Francesco Roskell—an alt.country trio from Liverpool. After the warming success left by their debut, POOR BOY, the threesome have gone on to release their follow up record SOMEONE ELSE’S TIME during the summer.


Matraca Berg - Love’s Truck Stop

A fine bit of songwriting from Grammy nominated songstress, Matraca Berg. An inspiring singer and songwriter in both equal measures, Love’s Truck Stop is the title track to her forthcoming studio album set for release mid-October, with a handful of tour dates scheduled to follow.


The Kennedys – Come Over

A pleasant mix of soft folkish-rock, with a yesteryear quality from New York duo, Maura and Pete Kennedy. The pair have recently co-produced Nanci Griffith’s latest album and are currently touring with the Texan singer-songwriter, as well as celebrating their recent release, CLOSER THAN YOU KNOW.


Bob Cheevers – Every Doubt Has A Shadow

Memphis-raised rootsy-blueser, Bob Cheevers has seen enormous success in his decades-spanning career, claiming several awards, eight commercially successful records and over 3,000 songs to his name. His songs often feature tales of Mississippian folk and have been covered by the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and very nearly Elvis Presley.


Linda Watkins – Blue Velvet Sky

Often armed with a handful of exotic instruments during shows—including the Puerto Rican Cuatro and Greek Bouzouki—multi-instrumentalist Linda Watkins excels with this delightful number of English folk-tinged appeals and Americana undercurrents; PJ Wright’s splendid pedal steel progressions adding to the majestic mix.


The Malingerers – Hell Child

A bubbling pot of old-timey, country-esque sounds from the lovable and original 6-piece. Often considered to inject humour and history into their harmony-twisted, dirty-edged music, the Malingerers hail from the UK town of Peterborough; this track being taken from their melodic debut, THE COMPLETE EARLY RECORDINGS.


Blame Sally – Bird In Hand

Blame Sally consists of four solo singer-songwriters from San Francisco whom, since their debut in 2001, hold seven albums to their collective name. Their gentle balance of ghostly folk, enchanting hooks and eerie harmonies prove to be quite a captivating listen.


Scott Keirs – Jackals

A curly-haired singer-songwriter from Sunderland, Scott Keirs’ music produces a delightful sense of intimacy and entrancement; his soft voice, captivating lyrics and quietly effective guitar playing, grabbing the listener’s attention and packing an acoustic punch.


The Vagaband – The Ballad of El Molino

An eight-piece folk band from Norfolk, the Vagaband’s sound is one caught somewhere between folk, country and Americana-blues, with a dash of jazz and yesteryear-ness thrown in for good measure. Their debut TOWN AND COUNTRY, released at the beginning of September features this quirky sounding track.


Jan Bell – Yorkshire Water

Enchantingly fusing Anglo-Americana sounds with a superb Yorkshire accent and honest words inspired by her coalmining grandfather, Yorkshire-born, Brooklyn-based lass, Jan Bell has a wonderful knack of breathing new life into timeworn folk tales and rare-used human stories.


Van Preston – Damn The Lies

With a voice that hints at power and attitude, and with music to match, Van Preston is fast becoming one of the very many unsigned artists in Nashville to succeed in making a name for herself; her self-titled debut having already received positive acclaim.


Ned Evett – Say Goodbye For Both Of Us

Named ‘The Glass Guitarist’ for his fretless fingerboard, Nashville born Ned Evett divinely plays the stringed-instrument with mesmeric beauty; the song being taken from his sixth studio album, TREEHOUSE—a collection of fourteen humanly emotive songs.


Something Blue – Mr Jones

A dark and eerie fusion of rock and blues styles from the English husband-and-wife duo. Rapidly increasing their fan base, their recognisable, non-traditional sound is said to appeal to every type of audience, whether it be country, rock or both.


Buffalo Gals – Captain Had A Bulldog

A fun and memorable number from the old-timing 6-piece, the Buffalo Gals combine the favourable sounds of Southern Appalachian music with good ol’ yesteryear country; the group quickly becoming one of our favourite country string bands.


Deborah Bonham – Bring Out The Joy

The sister of late Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, Worcester-born Deborah Bonham is a rock and blues vocalist with three studio albums to her name and collaborations with the likes of Lonnie Donegan, Alannah Miles, Van Halen and Foreigner. Her vocals produce a richness like no other; her music causing a sensual stirring.

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