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Maverick Music Volume 10


Josh Taerk – Virginia

Our opener, Virginia, comes from Josh Taerk, a talented 23 year old singer-songwriter from Toronto who continues to impress audiences with a summery, country storytelling. Taerk’s latest collection JOSH are is chronicle of a young man’s life and Virginia shows off his ongoing strength in combing a great melody with emotive lyrics and a distinct vocal style. This is not just a ‘fairytale love song’ (though it really does sound pretty) but a thoughtful tale about a girl who slums it ‘like a street dog, always begging for a hand out’.


Heather Stewart – Black And Blue

The talented and fiery Heather Stewart really goes for it with Black and Blue! She begins the track with a sultry blues vocal but the accompaniment warns of something powerful and badass and the song builds and builds to an absolute rock out! This track is taken from Heather’s second album, WHAT IT IS, which was produced by Greg Critchley and mastered by Robert Vosgien at Capital Studios and Mastering.


Stephanie Manns – The Way You Want Me To

Scottish singer-songwriter Stephanie Manns has already performed with Midge Ure, Joan Armatrading and KT Tunstall. The Way You Want Me To is from her debut album COME CLOSER. It’s a genuinely moving song full of raw emotion. Stephanie Manns is one to watch out for.


The New Madrids – Shake

Americana roots and soul are at the heart of The New Madrids' sound with a powerhouse rhythm section of Maurice McPherson on drums, Andrew Bonnar on bass backing the incomparable Owen Nicholson on any variety of stringed creations. Ian Hutchison and Donny McElligott share lead vocal duties as well as the writing. Shake is a gorgeous country crooner. Sexy vocals and a wailing guitar make this one bittersweet breakup song.


Marc Ford – Dream #26

Dream #26 has been taken from Marc Ford,’s HOLY GHOST, an album that will no doubtedly stand out as one of the finest Americana releases of 2014. Ford, has made been widelt hailed as one of the most gifted, in-demand rock guitarists of his generation but now he has gone down a completely different route. Dream #26 shows that Marc Ford has a convincing and unique soulful country style.


M Callahan – God’s Green Earth

Hitting the pavement non-stop Callahan has performed at venues from the Houston Rodeo to Nashville’s Country Music Hall Of Fame. Callahan creates modern country while still retaining the roots of traditional country too. If you enjoy the music of Tim McGraw, George Strait, Alan Jackson and Keith Urban you are bound to consider M Callahan a rare gem. God’s Green Earth is an upbeat, affectionate song about that great country theme, the connection between a man and his home-town .


Eileen Rose – Space You Needed

Eileen Rose has established herself as a brave, eclectic artist who defies easy categoriation. Her extraordinary voice, songwriting, offbeat arrangements, rye and canny humour have gained her fans from Boston to London, Rome to Nashville. Space You Needed from latest album BE MANY GONE showcases Eileen’s powerful vocal perfectly. Her performance and storytelling is confident, quirky and full of emotion.


Mick Richard – Please Blame Me

This beautiful track is taken from album HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS which presents 17 different artists from the Western parts of Sweden. Please, Blame Me tells a sad tale of blame with a lush, mellow melody, soothing vocals and accompaniment. The contrast really does work and it’s even better when the song kicks in around 2 minutes in.


Ochre Room – Other Side Of Town

The opening track of Ochre Room's new album exemplifies the bands' melancholy Americana-sound with sweet vocal harmonies, a trumpet and a wailing pedal steel. The Finnish folk-rockers' second album BOX, BAR AND DIAMOND will be released in the UK on May 19th. They continue to impress with their contemplative lyrics and beautiful arrangements. Enjoy the wonderfully calming vocals and trumpet on this track.


Jake Leg Jug Band – Alabama Blues

The Jake Leg Jug Band bring the authentic sounds of 1920's and 30's America - Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Ragtime - and put their own twist on it. Songs about murder, betrayal, gambling, liquor and redemption. They are quickly gaining a reputation as a lively, feel-good band and Alabama Blues shows us why. A very cool, vintage sound.


Ayesha – 3 Ashes Of A Man

Ayesha is a Swansea based Americana country rock and blues artist. A passionate Singer/songwriter/musician she has been playing in bands and writing music for fifteen years and performed all over the world. Her rich, passionate vocals are full of a wisdom beyond her years and then there’s her wonderful lyrical maturity too.


Clutching At Straws – Come What May

Clutching At Straws are a multi-talented and diverse alternative folk quartet, hailing from the creative county of Staffordshire. They use an impressive variety of instruments to build a full, layered sound suffused with subtlety. It’s hard not to compare the band and this track Come What May to the sounds of Mumford & Sons.


Ed Goodale – Calm The Storm

Young singer-songwriter from West Sussex, Ed Goodale, writes beautifully crafted songs full of thought-provoking lyrics. Ed has aspergers syndrome and he has used his music to help him understand the condition. Poignant Calm The Storm relates to Ed’s brother who served in Afghanistan.


The Former Members – Steeltown Blues

For nearly half a century the four members of “The Former Members” have been creating musical history. David, Bruce, Greg and Roy have all followed their own careers, collaborating with a plethora of world-class musicians along the way. Each one of them has been a key contributor to some of the most seminal creations of our era with their compositions, theatrical productions, writings, musical performances and recordings. Steeltown Blues comes from their latest release THE FORMER MEMBERS.