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Maverick Music – Volume 17

Volume 17 features tracks from Worry Dolls, Jess & The Bandits and Sean Taylor


Worry Dolls - Long Gone

Worry Dolls are an indie-folk duo from London comprising of Zoe Nicol (vocals, banjo, ukulele, guitar) and Rosie Jones (vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjulele, stomp). The ladies are making a name for themselves thanks to flawless harmonies and witty lyrics. Long Gone is taken from their second EP, BURDEN, which was released this summer. It tells the tell of fighting against one of life's setbacks - whether it be ending a bad relationship or just a dark phase in your life.


Jess & The Bandits - Nitty Gritty

We welcome back the feisty and much-loved Jess & The Bandits back to the Covermount but this time with Nitty Gritty from latest album HERE WE GO AGAIN. Lead singer Jessica Clemmons recently teamed up with Evans to celebrate women in all their shapes and sizes and this feel-good country rocker matches her positive work, challenging body shaming and reassuring us that 'It ain’t complicated, we’re all the same when it comes down to the nitty gritty.'


Light Over There - Where Memories Live

Where Memories Live is the opening track from self-titled debut EP LIGHT OVER THERE an unlikely collaboration between experienced rock guitarist and vocalist Rex Haberman from Minneapolis and Aileen Henderson a Dumfries-born 18 year old singer, who began talking and then writing across the Atlantic. The track explores the effects of dementia with subtle lyrics and vocals.


Paris Georgia - Stranger To You

West Midlands based, Paris Georgia is a rising country pop singer of only 19 years. Stranger To You is the title tack from her debut EP which was released this spring. A sweet and summery sound reflects her youth and pop influences and a strong voice adds power to her performance.


Legends Of Country - Talk About Country

With Duane Eddy guitars and Mariachi trumpets blasting away, the title track of the debut album by Legends Of Country is a roll call of country icons from Loretta Lyn and Dolly Parton to darts player Jocky Wilson and beat writer Carolyn Cassady, mixing a classic old country sound with an honest and unmistakable charm.


Steve Young - Integrity

UK singer songwriter Steve Young has spent many years criss-crossing the globe as a session musician. With numerous co-writes released he began writing his own blend of country influential material in 2014. Integrity is a girl favourite with his growing fan base and is taken from his debut EP LITTLE THINGS.


Jenn Bostic - A Little Grace

According to Jenn Bostic, Little Grace is a reminder that is it is not our job to judge others. So much energy is wasted worrying about what others are doing with their lives instead of bettering ourselves. Everyone has flaws, we should show grace to everyone we encounter.


Irene Rae - See Me For Me

See Me For Me is the first single taken from the EP HIDDEN SECRETS, self-released end of July 2015 witnesses Rae's return to the studio after a four year break from her previous solo career which saw her support artists such as Midge Ure and Hazel O'Connor. Her style and lyrics, whilst remaining uniquely her own, have been compared to the likes of Nora Jones and Natalie Merchant. HIDDEN SECRET has been produced by Stuart Dixon of Platform Studio and paves the way for Rae's new album in 2016.


Hilary Scott - Freight Train

Soulful and sexy, Freight Train Love is a great example of Hilary Scott's craft, holding together Americana, country, blues, pop and soul with a silky vocal and impressive range. Freight Train Love is the title track of her latest album which was recorded with Grammy-award-winning musicians in Los Angeles.


Barbara Nesbitt - Like A Good Girl Should

Like A Good Girl Should is taken from the third solo album ALMOST HOME from Georgia native, Barbara Nesbitt who splits her time between working on The Whiskey Sisters, Tim Flannery & The Lunatic Fringe, and her solo’- project simply called Barbara Nesbitt. The track is a timeless country heartbreaker; a dark and sexy tale of a woman trying to change her ways to win back her love.


Grand Old Grizzly - Travelin'

Houston-based, Grand Old Grizzly, is comprised of experienced musicians Will Thomas (vocals and guitar), Paul Beebe (guitar and vocals), Mark Riddell (bass and vocals) and Chris Lewis (drums), whose natural rapport was established during the time Grizzly's members spent together backing Katie Stuckey. Travellin' brings beautiful and honest vocal delivery, blending rock, Americana and lost romance.


Sean Taylor - Rothko

Sean Taylor is a singer-songwriter from London. Rothko is taken from his latest release THE ONLY GOOD ADDICTION IS LOVE. The album’s title is a quote from the former President of Uruguay Jose ‘Pepe’ Mujica who famously opted to live on a farm with his wife and a three-legged dog instead of in the presidential palace. Rothko which features Danny Thompson on double bass pays homage to the abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko.


Jack Tempchin - High Cost Of Hate

Songwriter Jack Tempchin is known for penning some of the most timeless songs in American music for a whole host of artists including the Eagles, George Jones, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner, Glen Campbell, Emmylou Harris and Trisha Yearwood. Now Tempchin steps into the spotlight with two new solo releases,EP ROOM TO RUN and the 11-song album LEARNING TO DANCE. The High Cost Of Hate, from ROOM TO RUN, is full of dark humour, as Tempchin sings: 'Since I’m a cheating bastard/ And you’re a selfish bitch/ Let’s call it quits/ And make some lawyers rich.'


Greg Copeland - Pretty Girl Rules The World

50 years ago, Elecktra Records released The Singer Songwriter Project which sparked the term singer songwriter in a wider sense. On September 4, 2015, Hemifrån releases a 50th anniversary tribute called HIDDEN TREASURES - SINGER SONGWRITERS FROM HOME, featuring Bob Cheevers, Greg Copeland, Keith Niles and Barry Ollman.


Big Hand - Just Like In The 50s

Internationally celebrated Norwegian country star, Ottar 'Big Hand' Johansen is celebrating 50 years of hits, sold-out shows and awards with his new release BIG HAND- 50 YEARS ON THE ROAD, co-produced with Bjørn Nilsen and Knut Hem.


Joel Rafael - When I Go

"This is a song about going away," says Rafael. "How we carry thoughts of our loved ones with us and leave memories behind us when we go." The song is from Joel Rafael's ninth album BALADISTA, which delivers ten essential ballads that embrace and celebrate the human spirit and reflect the half-century journey of an American songwriter.