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Maverick Music Volume 28

Maverick Music volume 28 features artists such as Nick Capaldi, The Abrams, Surrender Hill and much much more


Nick Capaldi - Mixed Emotions

Taken from his new album, NEON HEART, this UK singer/songwriter gives us Mixed Emotions, a semi-biographical track depicting human indecisiveness. Nick’s debut single sat on the Top 20 Best Selling New Release list for 5 weeks, so no surprise that his new album is highly anticipated by fans. Released on the 19 May, NEON HEART is a songbook bursting with potential rock/pop classics.


The Abrams – Fine

Fine is a catchy country-pop summer jam by The Abrams, andis the first single off the band’s self-titled EP since signing with Warner Music. Among the youngest performers to ever play on Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, brothers John and James Abrams are returning to the UK for their Continental Drifters Tour, which will take them through London (The Borderline), Rochester (Rochester Cathedral), Manchester (Gullivers) and Leicester (The Musician). Bob Harris says “The Abrams certainly know how to build a song…it’s in [their] blood to just get in front of people and play…just brilliant!" Fine is no exception, with an unforgettable hook underlined by sounds from their virtuosic Bluegrass-Americana roots.


Surrender Hill - I'll Never Let Go

I'll Never Let Go is a track that Surrender Hill’s Afton Seekins and Robin Dean Salmon wrote together for their wedding which was on January 28, 2017. The song is about the incredible moments experienced in everyday life and the thought that so much is taken for granted. These two artists admit they’re so lucky to be able to spend all of their time together, writing and performing and this song is all about being in the present and holding on to the special moments that matter.


Adriana Spina – Hear It From You

Driving guitars coupled with the dynamism of Adriana’s voice on Hear It From You, produces an insistent slice of country rock, all set around that staple topic of the genre - a lover done wrong. Fiercely independent, Adriana has worked hard for over a decade to craft her blend of Americana, folk and country, and has recently shared the stage with artists such as Joan Armatrading and Dar Williams. Hear It From You is taken from Adriana’s second album, LET OUT THE DARK.


Jenn and Laura Beth - Let The Sun Shine Down On Me / Than Hall’s

Both admirers of Jean Ritchie’s music, Jenn Butterworth & Laura-Beth Salter’s new album BOUND features a version of one of Jean’s songs. Let the Sun Shine Down on Me speaks of turbulent times, and a hope of deliverance that is as relevant now as it was then. The arrangement includes the tune Than Hall’s, composed by Jenn Butterworth and named after Jean Ritchie’s pseudonym, which she used when penning her more politically-charged works. The song is an energising mix of haunting vocals and powerful instrumentals, and shows the duo’s deftness in arrangement.


Josh Preston – When The Internet Goes Out

Josh Preston's When The Internet Goes Out begins as a situational daydream that asks the question, "When the internet goes out / I wonder if it's the last time / We were starting to hit our stride / Buying groceries from home" and it borrows its light-hearted yet dystopian tone from songs like the Talking Heads' (Nothing But) Flowers and Josh Ritter's The Temptation Of Adam. Blanketed in pedal steel and buoyed by a late '70s groove, When The Internet Goes Out weighs the pros and cons of a life lived in our modern era.


R. J. Daniels – 98.6 Degrees And Falling

98.6 Degrees And Falling is a lively, beat driven joyride with an in-your-face attitude. RJ Daniels’ solid vocal performance serves as a terrific counterpoint to his workhorse of a backing band. Dance fans out there will be happy to know that new, great, danceable music is still being created and available today. Two Steppers and listeners alike rejoice, got Honky Tonk is alive and well!


Jerry Harmon – Walk Softly

After years of success as a performer in America, sharing the bill with the likes of America's most celebrated musicians: Dolly Parton, Ricky Skaggs, Tony Rice, Marty Stuart, Earl Scruggs, and others, Jerry has quickly gained recognition as an amazing performer in the UK and mainland Europe. He has appeared at such events as North Carolina’s renowned Merle-Fest, The Bath International Music Festival, The Edinburgh International Festival, and The Winnipeg Folk Festival. Jerry's new studio album WALK SOFTLY sees him team up with acclaimed producer Pat Holt (Dr. Hook, Keith Bryant) for a record that embraces both his song writing heritage and the contemporary country scene.


Martin Pierson - Shadows & Candlelight

Shadows & Candlelight is the title track of the debut album by Yorkshire singer-songwriter Martin Peirson. Described as ‘a romantic encounter song written in black and white’. The album is a collection of quirky songs each on its own adventure, with outstanding production and musical contributions. This track includes ex Housemartin Hugh Whitaker on drums and Keith ‘Ched’ Cheeseman (who played in bands with fellow Hull musician Mick Ronson) on guitars, plus lush backing vocals from emerging young performer Katie Spencer and Martin’s niece Hollie Peirson.


Vinny Fazzari - Hold Me Close Tonight

The sincerity and sweetnesss of Vinny Fazzari’s songmaking is nowhere more evident than on this beautiful love song that celebrates the exhilaration of finding and falling in love with the most beautiful girl in the world


Citizen K – Rest Your Head

Citizen K’s Second Thoughts contains 23 tracks of vital pop exuberance with 4 instrumental interludes that offers yet another fresh direction. Even casual pop listeners will find a gem or two, while more devoted and inquisitive music fans will totally devour Second Thoughts and its endless smorgasbord of big beat pop and memorable rock songs. In this way, Citizen K will challenge the world