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Maverick Music Volume 9


Adrian Duffy & The Mayo Brothers – Someone Like You

Adrian Duffy is joined by his brothers Chris and Melvin to form a unique country folk-rock sound. This upbeat single comes in anticipation of the band’s new album of the same name, which will be released in May 2014. This is an energetic and endearing love song with sweet, summery imagery and romantic vocals.


Ayesha – Seventh Wind

Seventh Wind showcases the gorgeous vocals of Ayesha and is taken from her debut album A THOUSAND SHORES which she wrote, arranged, recorded and co-produced! Ayesha is a talented musician and skilfully conveys a sense of hope and strength in this song. This track is full of confidence and self-assurance.


Holy Moly & The Crackers – Lilly

Taken from EP of same name, Lilly is a sexy, soulful melting-pot of sound. Holy Moly & The Crackers continue to grow with their unique folk, rock, blues, soul and Romani inspired tales. Lilly is a colourful, raucous celebration featuring some mischievous fiddle playing and seductive vocals.


The Coal Porters – The Betsy Trotwood

The Coal Porters, who claim to be the world’s first ‘alt-bluegrass band’, practise at a London pub called The Betsey Trotwood - so no points for guessing where they got the title for this playful and breathtaking instrumental by their virtuoso banjo player, John Breese and world-class fiddler, Carly Frey.


North Atlantic Trio – Waterbound

The North Atlantic Trio combine Scottish, Irish, old-time Appalachian and bluegrass music with their own original compositions in a unique cross-genre bricolage. The trio recently released their debut album SOME PART OF SOMETHING, an unusual yet seamless marriage of harp, dobro and esoteric percussion. Waterbound is a harmony of melancholy vocals and ethereal accompaniment.


Charlotte Howard – Man Like That

Charlotte Howard’s voice has a striking power and her country-pop music has a rocky edge to it. This is a song that demonstrates her carefree attitude and desire to find an honest, loving man. The song has an Americana sound with powerful guitar riffs and brawny fiddle sounds.


Donna Ulisse – Showin’ My Roots

Title track from Donna Ulisse’s seventh album, SHOWIN’ MY ROOTS is a charming, bluegrass tribute to the legends that have shaped and inspired Ulisse’s musical journey over the years. The respects Donna pays to country giants including Loretta Lynn, are sweet and sincere – ‘Her writing lit a fire in me’.


Lowri Evans – Deep Inside

Lowri Evans has a stunning and emotive voice. Her distinctive vocals on this dreamlike ballad from CORNER OF MY EYE, are truly heartbreaking. Yet, once the beautiful Americana influenced harmonies kick in, this bittersweet song will instil you with some hope that deep inside, the character that Lowri sings of is alive with desire for a change.


Jesse & Noah – You Could Have Had It All

These two brothers come from a family of musicians: their father and uncle are the well-known Bellamy Brothers and their grandfather, Homer, played professionally at local dances - I wonder if he was the inspiration for this gorgeous retro country pop song, the soulful You Could Have Had It All sounds like it came straight out of a 50s dancehall. With their third album, DRIVEN BACK, the duo delivers an eclectic mix of roots-rock, power-pop, country and Americana.


The Old Country Crows – Dreamland

The lead track from their self-titled debut album, this slice of acoustic driven country rock features the cleverly entwined vocals of Gary Virtue and Mark Griffiths along with a guitar lick that hammers the listener into submission from the first note. This is song that demands you listen and move along to it!


Gavin D Sweeney – The Night Before

Dark and regretful The Night Before is a catchy toe-tapper, a perfect example of the way that singer-songwriter Gavin D Sweeney effortlessly combines his Irish folk roots and storytelling with the rhythms and melodies of country and bluegrass. Sweeney is not only a skilled guitarist but he also plays a mean banjo.


Colin Mackay – Do What You Love

This singer-songwriter from Aberdeen, Scotland teamed up with Nashville Legend, Producer Bill VornDick for his new album DO WHAT YOU LOVE. The energetic title track, with its positive message and gospel influences, is the result of a chance meeting with two of Nashville’s finest Billy Smith and Craig Duncan. It was written a week before Mackay went to Nashville but very nearly never made it onto the album!


Rant ‘n’ Rave – Heaven Knows (I Can See The Light)

Rant ‘n’ Rave describe this reflective, spiritual song as “a plea for mankind to unite, end its hostilities, share its wealth and work towards saving our planet.” It is a hopeful call for people to accept their own social responsibility, not to reflect on false gods and promises. Though the message may be serious, the melody will still have you dancing.


The Henry Girls – No Matter What You Say

Irish sisters Karen, Lorna and Joleen McLaughlin combine their emotional Irish folk roots with traditional elements of Americana. The warn, full toned voacal and the dynamic fiddle playing contribute to the upbeat feel of the song which warns its listeners to appreciate their time not to waste it on things and people that don’t really matter.


Another Country – Flying Paper Aeroplanes

Flying Paper Aeroplanes comes from the self-released debut album AS FAR AS YOU CAN GO from this talented northern duo. Claire Sinclair’s vibrant and soulful vocals and Gary Lindley’s impressive guitar playing blend seamlessly in this upbeat country rock song. Claire’s broad influences – country, but also soul and jazz - are clear, as she displays a gorgeous range and unique style to her voice.


Buffy Ford Stewart – Same Old Heart

The title track from Buffy Ford Stewart’s new album SAME OLD HEART is subtle, emotional and honest. The album is dedicated to her late husband, the singer-songwriter John Stewart, and Davy Jones of the Monkees, who died unexpectedly of a heart attack not long after singing with her on her album. Buffy’s strength is conveyed through stunning harmonies and thoughtful lyrics.


Red Moon Joe – Guy Clark

Closer on Red Moon Joes’ MIDNIGHT TRAIN, Guy Clark, is a humorous ballad and tribute to the great Texan songwriter himself. Even though the song centres around a theme of lost chances and opportunities, it does this with a witty chuckle – he’s missed on a lot of life’s chances, but then he also ‘once rolled Guy Clark a cigarette…with French tobacco’.

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