Clare Dunn: New found freedom

At gigs recently, I’ve been asking our subscribers who they’d most like to see here in the UK and who they’d like to hear off in the magazine. One name that frequently comes up is Clare Dunn. Dunn is an incredibly talented songwriter who has written for other artists as well as having released records herself. Now returning to being an independent artist again, Dunn has been very vocal on the moral corruption that plagues much of the industry and as she carves her own path once more, her songs and voice just keep going from strength to strength as she relishes in her new found freedom. 

“I’ve been singing since I can remember. I’m told that I was always running around, singing and dancing around the house and my first memory of knowing that, was my very first show, which was singing a George Strait song in a local Hee Haw,” Dunn begins. She grew up relishing in the country lifestyle and it seemed from a young age she was destined for the limelight. “I grew up on a ranch. We were just farmers and ranchers, we run cattle and raise crops, there was a local group of farmers and ranchers that would get together who could kind of pick and play instruments, and they would make a little band and they recreated their own version of Hee Haw so I got to sing. I still have the memory, to this day, being a little girl holding the microphone and looking out into the auditorium after I finished my song, and people were clapping, thats the first time it clicked for me that, I get so much joy out of this and other people can get joy out of this as well.” 

Though her and her family lived the country lifestyle not all of her family were on board with the kind of music usually associated with it! “I spent a lot of time in a pickup driving down the road because we’re very remote. I also spent many, many hours alone, driving big tractors growing up. My dad actually hates country music for the most part, hes a farmer, so hes this country guy, but yet he doesn’t really care for country music. Recently, I can’t blame him!” She laughs. 

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Zoe Hodges, Editor


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