Demi, Kezia, Jade and Jess discuss Girls’ Night In tour!

It is one of the most hotly anticipated tours of the year as four of the UK’s most prominent country acts come together to put on an unforgettable performance. We caught up with all four girls to find out more about why they’re hitting the road together!
Firstly, you’re all really talented solo artists in the UK scene, when did you first get to know each other?
Jade: I first met Demi sometime in 2016, She opened for me at my Forget The Night EP launch and we sang together and became fast friends. I met Jess in around about 2018. It seemed like everybody I knew was tagging her on instagram as a co writer and I HAD to get a write with her. I met Kezia at the BCMA awards in 2018. I had seen her perform earlier that year at Buckle & Boots Festival. We had both been booked to go to Australia with the B&B Team the following January but hadn’t actually met until this point.
Kezia: I first met Jade in 2018 and became firm friends with her when we toured Australia in 2019. I met Jess & Demi later on, mainly through Jade. We’d all be at the same festivals and events so over time we all just grew closer!
Jess: Jade and I live super close to each other in Yorkshire so we did a writing session one day and hit it off immediately! I knew Demi and Kezia through the British country music scene, which is quite a small world, so all of us girls had crossed paths at a few festivals, writing sessions, live shows, etc. throw in a few bottomless brunches and weekends away and you have yourselves a life-long friendship! 
Demi: The girls and I have been friends for a while. I met Jade first around 7/8 years ago and then Jess and Kez and as the saying goes ‘the rest is history’. I adore every bit of these girls and am honoured to call them my best friends.
This is a really unique tour, what made you decide to put this together and what can fans expect?
Jade: We have been discussing how fun this would be for over a year now. When we get together it’s just so fun to play together, we write, discuss our favourite artists etc. It seemed like a great idea to essentially take what we do on our nights in out on the road . The fans can expect exactly that, an insight into what it’s like when the four of us get together for a night in. Lots of music, lots of stories and a whole load of laughs.
Kezia: It stared with a photograph. We were all at the Blackpool Country Music Festival back in 2021, and we had a photograph all together that was shared on social media. The comments came flooding in about what a great tour/show it would be, and we’ve toyed with the idea ever since. It was over a few cocktails last summer that we all decided we should go for it!
Jess: We absolutely love jamming together and getting to hear each other’s music so this tour is exactly how it would be for us on a girl’s night in, just with a lot more people! It was amazing for us to see that so many people love that we’re doing these shows, we couldn’t be happier with the response from the fans! 
Demi: This tour is something that has been in the pipelines for a really long time. Being such good friends as well as fans of each others music, it is only natural to want to put on a show together. We have a little annual girls trip in January each year and this has been spoken about for a few years now and after receiving so many comments about us doing something together at The British Country Music Festival a few years back we thought we would bring ours (and the fans) dreams to life!
It’s pretty much sold out, how does it feel to know that all of your fanbases are just as excited as you are for this tour?
Jade: It feels incredible to know that what started as a fun idea for us a transpired into something the fans are just as excited for. We are blown away by the response to this Tour.Kezia: Pretty amazing! When you plan a tour or a show, your number one aim is to sell tickets. It can get quite stressful at times! Having this tour sell so quickly has just made this whole process so fun, exciting and stress free! We love that everyone has shown such positivity towards the tour, because we are equally excited for it!!
Jess: We can’t believe it! It feels incredible! Our fans are such special people and we absolutely love how dedicated they are. We can’t wait to share these intimate shows with them, it’s going to be something really special. 
Demi: It was honestly mind blowing how quickly the dates on this tour sold our. Originally this was going to be just a one show thing, but the response was so wild to even just the few dates that developed into that we added more. It’s so great that I get to tour with my best friends let alone sell out shows. We’re honoured and so excited and thankful for the support!
How important is it to you that the UK country community supports each other like you four girls support each other?
Jade: I think it’s essential the community supports each other. Luckily, it’s something I think does happen a lot. Artists supporting artists, hyping each other on social media, going to each others shows. Mangers working alongside each other, musicians appearing with several artist, radio hosts and media outlets shouting about the talent here in the UK and so much more. If we all support each other the genre grows, if the genre grows more people are coming in and enjoying what the UK has to offer and as a result we all benefit. Both fans and industry people.
Kezia: My honest answer, is that it isn’t that important. Its your fans that you need to support you, and if other artists don’t like what you’re doing then it doesn’t really matter. However….. it makes the job and experience SO much more rewarding and enjoyable when you have a network of friends around that understand what you do, support your work and are there for you. Like any job, its a massive bonus to get on with your colleagues!! The UK country scene is unique in that it’s a really tight community. The women especially, we are like one big support group for each other!!
Jess: It’s incredibly important. I think that’s the beauty of our UK scene, everyone is so welcoming and friendly, we’ve all been the artist just starting out and looking for friendship in the scene, so I think it’s so important to keep that element of our scene alive and really lift each other up. 
Demi: UK country – though growing – is still a niche genre and the only way that grows is through artists and fans alike joining together to spread the word! Though all of us fit into that scene and genre we all also work across other genres including Americana and blues and I think the 4 of us combined really connects and brings those different worlds, genres and fan bases together in a great way
Thinking about each others songs, what would you most like to hear live on this tour?
Jade: I love the girls music soooo much but one thing I’m really looking forward to hearing is the songs that don’t make the set usually. The co writes we’ve never heard, the songs we’ve written together and the one’s that just never got recorded. As well as that, I of course can’t wait to hear some of the fan favourites from each of the Girls.
Kezia: All of them obviously!! I can’t pick favourites!! There’s gonna be quite a lot of surprises on this tour, including songs we’ve all written together that are as yet un-heard! I think each night will be different, so there’s no saying what we might include!
Jess: The real kicker of this whole tour is that I am genuinely all these girls’ biggest fan. I could listen to their songs all day long and I literally get to for one whole week. Maybe I’d pick something we get to all sing together…  
Demi: Oooh. That is a tough one!! My top picks are Jade’s Woman I Am and Drink This Wine, Jess’ No Mercy and Woman Up and Kezia’s  Easy Come Easy Go and anything from her upcoming record!!

A silly question for you, if you were to describe each other’s personality as a flavour of crisp, or as our American friends say, a potato chip, what flavour would you all be? 

Jade: Haha ok 
… Jess – Kettle Chips, Salt and cracked pepper – elegant as she’s always glam with a Prosecco in hand while I sit opposite with a pint!
 Demi – Pom Bear, originals – she’s the group Baby! Kezia – Pipers Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt – (the mother crisp as she is def the mamma of our group always taking care of us)
 Disclaimer – anyone calls me ready salted I’m gonna be fuming hahaha

Kezia: Ooh interesting….. OK, Jade would be Cheese & Onion- a British classic and the one that everyone loves, Jess would be sweet chilli- beauty and sweetness with a sassy kick, and Demi would be Ready Salted- looks like the quiet one but an absolute favourite!!

Jess: Amazing question. Hm… I’m going to choose specific crisps rather than flavours – very sorry if that breaks the rules! Kezia would be flamin’ hot Cheetos cause she’s fiery and delicious. Demi would be thai sweet chilli sensations cause she’s equal parts sweet and spicy. Finally, Jade would be a packet of Discos cause she always brings the party and she’s our karaoke queen! 

What’s next for you?
Jade: For me, I have some exciting shows in the works. I’m busy writing getting ready to start focusing on this years releases.
Kezia: Personally, I have a crazy year planned with new music, an album and plenty more live shows! It’s gonna be a jam packed 2023 and I can’t wait to kick it all off with my Girls!!!
Jess: I’m really looking forward to working on some new music this year so watch this space… and maybe you’ll get to see and hear us together again soon… 
Demi: I have an album coming out in July this year and will have a run of headline shows following that which I’m super excited about!
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