Morgan Wade: Heart-on-the-sleeve songwriting

At the start of 2022, Virginia native, Morgan Wade was beginning to make waves in the States after the release of her debut album ‘Reckless’. Here in the UK she was fairly unknown except from the die hard country contingency who had been following her steady progress, eagerly anticipating her debut UK performance at Country 2 Country Festival.
Chatting to her at the time, it was clear she was anxious and nervous about her trip and how she would be received but there was no need to worry. “One of the first shows right there, I got a standing ovation on ‘Wilder Days’. I didn’t expect them to be singing that back to me either. My first time going somewhere that I’ve never been before. That was an incredible feeling.” She stood on the O2 Arena stage, unsure of what to do as the crowd went wild. That triggered the start of something special as Wade returned later in the year for BST Hyde Park and has just completed another run of shows here, including the inaugural Highways Festival.
“The fanbase keeps pulling me back. I really have enjoyed coming over there and I want to keep coming back and growing and expanding. I hate that I can’t get over there more than what I can, it’s more than just a ride down the road for me, but the crowd over there is great. They just listen so well, they’re so respectful, they want to hear the music and I’m just so appreciative of that, I can’t see myself ever stopping coming over there.”
When she next returns to the UK she will have a new record under her belt, ‘Psychopath’, which is due out August 25th. The title track is out now but it’s an album that has been in the works for some time. “I actually wrote ‘Psychopath’ two days before ‘Reckless’ came out, which is funny. So I’ve had that song for quite a while. You do not expect that to be a love song. I wouldn’t read that and think this could be a love song. But it’s just about being so wrapped up in this person that you can tell them, you love them, but it doesn’t feel like enough to even give it what it deserves because it’s such a feeling that I can’t even put into words how much I love you. To me it feels like a part two, of ‘Take Me Away’, I was trying to be vulnerable then and in ‘Psychopath’ I am being vulnerable and really opening up to this person.”

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