Kane Brown:Drunk or Dreaming

Kane Brown

Kane Brown received rave reviews all over Europe for his recent tour that saw the ‘Lose It’ star put on an energetic display for his fans from across the pond. Brown broke onto the scene in 2015 after posting covers on YouTube. Since then, he has had nine number one singles and is about to embark on his second arena tour across the States. Although I have followed his incredible rise to the top from the very start, I was keen to catch up with the Tennessee native before his Manchester show to get an insight into the secret behind his success.  

He takes me back to his childhood as he tries to pinpoint when he first began dreaming of a career in music. “I don’t think I ever knew that I wanted to be a musician,” he admits. A young Brown played all kinds of sports throughout his school days and this was the path he thought he could possibly be going down, “I was a big athlete but then one day, I was at work, a hardware store called Lowe’s back in the States and was singing randomly in the aisle. My friend said I gave them cold chills. Music has been a part of my life the whole time. I’ve been bullied and I would always have my earbuds in, I was always listening to music my whole life. So it’s always been there but I guess I realised when I was probably 18, I want to do music. 

The music he listened to block out the bullies was a broad spectrum of genres and his family influenced this, “I started first off listening to country music. My little brother was a huge rock and roll fan – ACDC, Pink Floyd, Kiss. My nana was a huge Elvis fan and then my mum was listening to Reba, Sugarland and I listened to everything because of that. My mum was also a huge R&B fan. So she listened to Keith Sweat, and Boys To Men. So I’ve always been all over the spectrum.” 


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