Kip Moore: Tackling Timelines

Kip Moore

Kip Moore called me as he went for a leisurely walk around sunny Nashville. The Georgia native is enjoying his fall tour but appreciates the down time he gets in music city. In between his high energy shows, he has been garnering attention after the release of his latest single “If I Was Your Lover’ which had fans buzzing when Morgan Wade showed up in the music video. A song, born out of a time of solitude during the pandemic, brought two of the biggest, most current stars together out of the blue. 

Moore recalls writing it with buddy Matt Bubel, “It was early on in the pandemic, when everything hit the fan, and everything shut down. I disappeared to the Kentucky mountains and went rock climbing for about four months. I was writing all these lyrics and I had a stockpile of ideas,” Moore begins to reflect, sharing how he killed time during his forced time off away from the road. “When I came back to Nashville, in around June, a really talented friend of mine Matt Bubel, who’s a producer, writer, friend and my first drummer, called me up, and we’re just catching up and talking about our lives and everything that’s going on. He just kept telling me how he really needed a creative outlet, that nobody was hanging out with each other, and the people who used to write weren’t seeing anybody. I said, if you want to come over to my house and set up shop, you can. He brought a lot of his portable gear and we pretty much put the studio up in my house.”  

The two friends bunkered down together and began to work, “Every night we were just working on different musical things. We would stay up all night, just the two of us for probably a month. The first song that we wrote together during that period was ‘If I Was Your Lover’, and it was just him playing that opening keys part and the whole chorus just fell out in a matter of minutes.”  

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