Midland on their return to the UK


The first time Midland stepped foot on a British stage was at Country 2 Country in 2018. From that moment on, they created a family, a unique and dedicated fanbase halfway across the world from where they first formed in Dripping Springs, Texas. It would be the start of something magical for both the band and the UK country crowd as the trio showed their appreciation by coming back, time and time again. After a successful UK tour earlier this year, they will once again return to these shores as they have been announced to play C2C 2023. 

“I have to say one of the most memorable shows weve done was our C2C performance in London,” Cameron Duddy says to me as a smile spreads across his face. “It was a huge show, one of the biggest shows we had ever played at that point. I think we were all relatively nervous going on stage at that gig for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is because we were pretty much a brand new band, at least in terms of our exposure in the UK, and we didn’t know what to expect, from the fans, the audience not knowing who we were. It was the glimpse into what would be the future of Midland in the UK because we ended up, the audience really appreciated what we were doing up there. I think that that single play was the reason that we have continued to come back to the UK. Because I think honestly, the UK fans are as strong in support, as I think our most loyal fans in Texas.” 

Earlier this year, they performed a run of successful dates in the UK after their tour had been postponed several times due to the pandemic. One show was a special fan event in a church in Kingston Upon Thames. “We were told that we were going to be playing this show in a church and we didn’t know what to expect until we showed up and it was a really, really cool experience. We’ve never played in a church before, not a proper church and I’m just surprised we didn’t catch on fire just walking through those doors, being the heathens that we are!” Duddy laughs, “That little town that we were in was just a lovely old town, they used to crown the king there. It was beautiful, we love being in and around London and the UK as a whole. It feels like a very special opportunity to bring country music abroad.” 

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