February 2016

17 March 2017


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Welcome to the February issue of Maverick Magazine. My first as editor of the magazine, this issue has become a celebration of music’s ability to unite people – regardless of age, gender or nationality.

Sadly, the media was dominated by tragic current affairs at the end of 2015, most notably the Paris attacks, which began at a live music concert. Whilst some artists chose to cancel tours following the event, our previous cover artist Kasey Musgraves won the respect of fans and music press with a heartfelt admission at a gig, just days after the attacks, that she was frightened by the implications for artists, but believed it was her duty to perform regardless – particularly so because of the “healing” power of music. In a courageous and symbolic move, Eagles of Death Metal, the band that performed on that dark night, have just announced their decision to finish their tour, returning to Paris and other European countries.

Another artist to inspire with his belief in music’s ability to heal is blues artist, Walter Trout. Returning to the UK last November after a liver transplant, he was living proof of a musical community’s ability to promote positive change – only on that stage thanks to his fan-base who funded his medical bills – and using his second chance to share a message of togetherness through music.

To some this isn’t enough, and many musical commentators argue that this industry isn’t what it used to be, that it just can’t be compared to its heyday (in the 60s, 70s, whichever decade they might choose) – but artists like our cover band The Corrs prove that good music is timeless. Returning to the industry after a ten year break, and writing their new release before any labels or music professionals had an idea of their plans, they decided to let their music speak for itself. Good music will always live on, regardless of time and regardless of loss. This issue’s retrospective piece celebrates the talent and influence of songbird, Eva Cassidy, whose gorgeous voice still speaks to people years after her death.

It is through the storytelling music that fills the pages of Maverick magazine – from country to folk, roots and blues, acoustic and Southern rock – that we can celebrate the shared experience of listening to good music and hearing another person’s tales of ordinary folk and life; escaping our troubles and finding beauty in the everyday.