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January February 2015

17 March 2017


Issue Number – 130

Issue Date – 1 ⁄ Jan ⁄ 2015

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One of the best things about being a music journalist in this scene has always been the artists themselves. No two artists are quite the same, no story alike. Speaking to Trisha Yearwood this issue was a wonderful experience. With a career that spans 23 years and her husband Garth Brooks career spanning 25, their stories have now intertwined with dual releases and combined tours. For her to be so honest with me about the struggles these two incredible artists face when they return after, what really is a short time in life, but a long time in the fast developing world of music, made it very clear that even once youre at the top, its a hard place to stay. It also makes the harsh realities of todays music industry form a new face to fear, because those artists wed like to hear more of now have to place themselves with the masses, when maybe once before they just sat on top. The reason music streaming, iTunes, YouTube and the like are causing such a concern for an artist like Trisha Yearwood, is for the same reason an artist like Cody Pennington or Brett Eldredge have managed to get to where they are today. Ultimately its put everyone on a level playing field. An artist with a 23 year history is given the same opportunities as an artist just starting out. Live shows are the key for these artists. Those attending Taylor Swifts RED tour in the US would have stumbled across Brett Eldredge and that single set of dates really helped shape his future career. So, in this issue you will notice a few things; we have focused on new music – especially artists like Doug Seeger, The Swon Brothers and Fish and Bird, but we have also bought you more live reviews than ever before, in a hope to sway you towards some live shows. Maybe head out to a local club, theatre or bar sometime soon to enjoy one of the artists we bring you this issue. We are also very excited to welcome Bob Harris back to Maverick Magazine with this issue. Bob wrote for Maverick many years ago, before he became sick and had to abandon his many long-term commitments for a time, but it is fantastic to have him back. Many of you will recognise Bob, not just for his BBC Radio 2 show, but also for the programmes on BBC 4 at the moment, as a renowned icon for country music in the UK. We really hope you enjoy his column and welcome you to write in and leave your comments on social media. Three years ago Maverick was relaunched under new publishers back into its print format and back onto the newsstands. It got a makeover; a glossy cover, full colour pages and was bigger than it had ever been before. It was with the launch issue three years ago that we featured Lady Antebellum on the cover and now we have come full circle. A lot has happened in three years, this industry has grown considerably. In Country 2 Country, we have a country music festival in the UK that has been a massive success (were already looking forward to March 2015) and many, many things have changed. The UK country scene and our magazine continue to grow, develop and adapt. Whether youve been on the journey with us from the start or joined us recently, thank you, and from everyone at Maverick, the contributors and the Hand Media team wed all like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. We hope you enjoy the issue! Laura Bethell