March 2016

17 March 2017


Issue Number – 138

Issue Date – 1/Mar/2016

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In this issue we have revelled in our featured artists’ dedication to creative independence, one of the ultimate goals for an artist at any level of their career. Many strive for the ability to remain free and authentic, to maintain control over their creative projects and most importantly to produce the music that they genuinely want to write and perform. Often, the greater the success, the lesser the chance of reaching this goal.

Mavericks like Aaron Watson, who topped US country charts with THE UNDERDOG, and who is the only solo male artist on an independent label to do so, enforce the idea that the path to success in the music industry is not only open to massive brands and trend-followers.

Cam is another one of country’s rising stars; she’s an effervescent new force with her head firmly screwed on, thanks to five years of hard work and rejections as she refused to settle for the wrong record deal. Meanwhile, Bonnie Raitt continues to make bold new music at 66 years old, despite the tendency for the industry to lose interest in older, female singers.

Eric Church is Maverick’s exclusive March cover interview. An artist at the top of his game, he put together a secret album and released it primarily to his fans. He let his music, fans and a simple album announcement do the talking, instead of the pomp and repetition of a long-winded album release.

The job of these artists is to make authentic, ground-breaking music, and use their passion and drive to take the bold risks and make the right decisions to get what they want, in what can be a very controlling industry. It is our job as an independent music magazine to bring more of this music to you and to make it even easier for fans to discover and enjoy new music. As artists must adapt, grow and change the way that they share their music, so must we, and we cannot wait to bring you the exciting next step for Maverick, a whole new www.maverick-country.com.

Our new website will be a forum for lovers of good music and those who love to discuss it – with online content that can be liked shared and commented on, as well as a source of all the country information and updates you need. Maverick Music is also back and better than ever – the best country tracks will be picked every month for you to stream or download directly to your computer, phone or tablet. Oh, and we’ll also share every single previous Maverick compilation online for you to stream/download and enjoy!