May 2016

17 March 2017


Issue Number – 140

Issue Date – May 2016

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Welcome to the May issue of Maverick!

Country to Country festival was, once again, one of my biggest opportunities to engage with Maverick readers. Meeting with many of you, getting your feedback on the festival and on our ever-growing magazine is incredibly important to the entire Maverick team. The crowds at Country to Country were bigger and prouder than ever, so too is our readership and so are our plans for the magazine this year. Listening to the people that have made this growth happen is the best way to ensure that we can reflect your tastes and interests in our coverage.

Discussing our country scene with its fans is also just a lot of fun! From the lovers of the modern and experimental, enjoying growth and change in music, with no boundaries; to the historical, loyal fans who enjoy the genre’s legacy, placing artists into a wider context and supporting authenticity in their music – Maverick readers and country music fans all share one thing in common – passion!

I felt that we were all catered for by this year’s festival and that those with the difficult task of creating its much debated lineup have done a most wonderful job (maybe you disagree though… let me know). We were treated to traditional country, pop country, Americana, Southern rock, bluegrass, honky tonk, country/folk… all of the interchangeable titles and blends that we use to try and pin down the fluid and ever-changing genre that we love: Country.

I asked many of the talented artists that I spoke with at the event, what they felt defined country, if it could be whittled down to one unifying element? It seemed to them, that no particular sound or style was the key ingredient, but honest storytelling was the answer – whether that was through emotive performances or the wit and reflection of a classic country lyrics.

Every issue of Maverick is built on storytelling – those that we explore and retell in our music reviews and the stories that we are treated to by our featured artists: Living legends like Cyndi Lauper our cover artist, Loretta Lynn and Donovan who have years of musical and life experience that they bring to us, and exciting up and comers who beam at the chance to start sharing their story so far with new listeners.

Thanks for saying hello and sharing your stories with us too. I hope to see you all at the festival again next year!