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November December 2015

17 March 2017


Issue Number – 135

Issue Date – 1 ⁄ Nov ⁄ 2015

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It’s in 2016 that we will see some changes with Maverick. Not that Maverick has been without change since it started life back in 2002. In 14 years a lot has happened – the book has gone from strength to strength and has found a whole new lease of life I only ever imagined possible nine years ago. Right now we’re in a position to really celebrate its successes and to make some moves that will see its future brighter than most magazines in the industry right now. So, without hesitation I’m proud to announce that Maverick will be going monthly from January 2016! This opens up so many new opportunities. Opportunities to get involved, to get featured, to find your place in the book. Maverick has always been a work of passion and we serve the country music industry with an understanding of the requirements, the shortfalls and the hardships of every artist and every music lover. We perform an editorial balancing act every issue, which I like to think we consistently acheive. We are a platform for new discoveries, rediscoveries and those artists you uncovered years ago that maybe you once forgot about and that’s a special thing. To know that everyone we have told so far has been so excited and enthused by our progression is also a wonderful thing. But above all it’s great to know that the artists that enjoy our company, those that thrive because of Maverick’s coverage, those who rely on our word for their own progression, it’s great to know that we can offer more of that than ever before. That we are here to push, promote and independently offer opinion for double the number of artists we have been able to for the past three years. Alongside this momentous occassion is the unveiling of Maverick’s new website. The website too has had it’s numerous number of changes through the years and as technology has developed, we have responded time and time again with a more fitting and progressive online platform. We hope you enjoy the new model! As with every change, there is always space for growth and so finally, I’m very pleased to announce that Eric Dahl, a longtime supporter and writer for Maverick has now been promoted to Lifestyle Editor. Eric is a renowned voice in the musical instrument and gear market and his presence in the magazine has been a credit to this publication. It’s with a heartfelt appreciation that the Maverick team welcomes Eric as an Editor of his own section. We hope you enjoy the new issue and look forward to hearing what you all think of the changes on social media, via the website and of course, if you choose, email via the usual address.