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October November 2016

17 March 2017


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Throughout life it’s easier to not get caught up in our drifting thoughts and sleepy dreams, and those pusuits of the heart that we leave by the wayside, and continue our daily journeys as we do.

Sometimes though, all it takes is a conversation, a chance encounter, or the most unexpected song to pull you from the daily malayze and draw you into something special, something bigger than daily life. It can instigate an awakening, if you allow yourself to be open to that. If not, you dismiss it as ‘one of those things’ and walk away, unprepared to let it affect you beyond that moment. And then you drift on.

Music connects us, but often the music is the creative outburst of an individual who has had to try, who has had to make sacrifice, who has had their own devils to tango with on the way. Talking to Beth Hart for the cover of this issue was an incredible experience. If you’ve never listened to her songs, never taken the time to watch a video, I hope you enjoy her story and are encouraged to listen beyond that. I hope her words teach you something and I hope you finish reading it with a thought for all the hardships we suffer, all of these things we must go through, and I hope you realise that beyond all of that we’re much stronger than we ever assumed we could be.

As Beth said, “we’re human beings, we use eight per cent of our brain at the most – we don’t know what the f**k we’re doing! So I kinda decided ‘give yourself a break’… We’re trying to do the best we can and we’re gonna mess up – a lot!”

This issue is full of grit and real life honesty, in fact I think it may be our grittiest issue to date. The issue is full of special artists and singer songwriters like Beth – people who have had to work hard to get to where they are today. Artists for whom the dreams were not made a reality, without a lot of hard work and dedication, and a lot of sacrifice, and often not without huge set backs before they finally make a difference. Dolly Parton is the Queen of Country, and has built herself an empire. An empire that took a lifetime to build, and one that now takes all her dedication to retain.

“I have spent all my life time trying to build a career and where I am now, I’ve been very, very lucky… I’ve dreamed myself into a corner and now I have to be responsible for it – I have to be there and I have to be on top of everything.”

At 70 years old, Dolly shows no sign of slowing, and her vitality and strength is an incredible inspiration to so many up and coming artists. Within this issue, there are so many incredible stories and interviews, with artists overcoming the odds to do what they do, and they believe steadfastly in themselves and their creative pursuits, of which they discuss with passion and belief. The cover stars of our last issue in fact, Ward Thomas, made it to number one against all odds, with their new album CARTWHEELS this month – the first country act to do this in UK chart history! If this news does one thing, I’d like it to inspire you. There’s no time like the present – dream big and you may be the next Dolly Parton! And be open to the awakening… no matter how unexpected, it might just show you where you’ve been going wrong.