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September October 2015

17 March 2017


Issue Number – 134

Issue Date – 1 ⁄ Sep ⁄ 2015

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This issue of Maverick is a celebration of Nashville. Having spent two short days there in June for the CMA’s annual Fan Fair Festival, the wonderful hospitality of Nashville spoils me. The general excitement and number of memory-making vacations really made me see Nashville in a new light. And yet, in a year a lot had changed. We were told a multitde of times over the course of our stay about beautiful historical studios, being sold off to make way for condos, historical landmarks caught up in bidding wars. It wasn’t a Nashville so dedicated to music anymore, but much more a place dedicated to a booming population, and I guess in so many ways, magazines like ours have been a cause of it. Alongside shows like ‘Nashville’ the TV series and Bob Harris’ show and the likes, all rooting for Nashville and what it has to offer. I guess our collective message now is please don’t ruin it! Don’t let a place we all feel so passionately about fall into an early grave of fast living and popular culture. Right now, it’s still my favourite place on Earth. Bob Harris’ column this issue also explores this, as does his extract from his new autobiography. If anyone knows Nashville it’s Bob and it’s sad to see that he feels the same. This issue is also a celebration of the young country artist Kacey Musgraves. Exactly a year on since her last cover appearance, Kacey has arrived in leaps and bounds and Charlotte Taylor’s interesting interview with her leaves us all guessing what’s next for this very talented and international artist? Lastly, I’m very excited to bring you a few announcements for this issue. Firstly, Charlotte Taylor, whom you probably recognise as my Assistant Editor has now taken on the role of Reviews Editor for the book. Charlotte has worked very closely with me for many years now and I’m really pleased to offer her this new role within the book. I’m also very pleased to announce that Hayley Burgess, who has also worked on the book with me for a number of years now, has taken on the role of design. I have designed this book now for nine years and it’s quite a daunting experience to walk away from this element of the book. But I would like to congratulate Hayley on the feel and presentation of this issue and look forward to our collective efforts in the many years to come. This magazine would be nothing without the team surrounding it, from external contributors, to the in-house team, to accounts, to the publisher and it all relies on one thing – the vision. When I joined the magazine in 2006 I had a vision for this magazine and with every year we’re moving closer and closer to making that a reality. I feel priviliged to be in the position I am and I hope you will all benefit from the bigger team and a re-focus in every way. As always your thoughts are always more than welcome!