Review: ‘Off The Grid’ – The County Affair

The County Affair

Tony Regan and Kevin Brennans friendship spans over forty years and was founded on their shared love of music, that passion and drive has culminated in their debut album Off The Gridand it is a stellar introduction.

It draws upon decades worth of experience and discusses themes of everyday life, painting vivid characters with the imagery they use in their lyrics. The single, Every Ghost, is a standout on the record as it humanises the stranger sleeping in the doorway. Lines such as People dont break their stride past me, they dont care who this ghost might beis thought-provoking for the listener as they start to think about their own actions and prejudices surrounding the topic of homelessness. Despite the subject matter its set to an upbeat groove. Another high point is the rock infused Nashville Storm Warning which features Lonestar legend Richie McDonald. Its a high energy song which features a great guitar solo, you can imagine this being the pinnacle of the night in a live setting.

Not a single song feels out of place on this record, its a cohesive set of songs with fantastic stories and a brilliant production. Fate brought the duo back together and boy, are we glad it did!   

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