Review: Rachael Sage – Whistle Blow

This delicate new single from Rachael Sage is one of the strongest songs I’ve heard from her. It boasts a unique musical soundscape with the slide guitar laying a foundation throughout and the subtle addition of horns pushing the mood in a slightly different direction from the rest of the song. Sage’s vocals are wispy yet she controls the dynamics well and it’s hauntingly beautiful to listen to. The production reflects the theme of the lyrics as she touches upon the fall from grace of celebrities and as the lyrics shift we he hear the swelling rise and fall of those horns which gives off an almost unnerving feel to the listener. At the same time there are some encouraging and empowering lines in the song, ‘I can hear your voice / singing don’t look back – you have a choice’. It’s a strong single from Sage and I look forward to hearing more from her in the future. 

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