Review: Sarah Reeves – Get Back Your Fight

The latest offering from Reeves begins with an almost playful piano. Her vocal melody is rhythmic in it’s delivery whilst lyrically it’s an uplifting track that gives an insight into Reeves battle with mental health. I can see why it went viral, not just for it’s positive message that no doubt inspired many, it very much sits within the remit of pop, it’s laden with melodic hooks that get stuck in your head on first listen. It is the third in a series of new releases from Reeves this year following on from the nostalgic ‘Jealousy’ and romantic ‘Wanna Be Here’. This garnered 25k new followers on social media within a month of Reeves demoing the first verse and chorus on her channels. There’s a theatricality about it’s production and Reeves delivery. It should be her most commercially successful song to date, which would be great to see with it coming from such an honest and open place. 

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