Review: The Bondurants – Take The Night Away

The UK based alt-country quartet is back with their strongest collection of songs to date. The title track has an anthemic feel to it as those sustained notes soar in the chorus. The melodies linger in your head long after the track has finished. The vocal delivery is strong throughout, the use of harmonies well thought out and you can hear the Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer influences in their songs. The production is full, they don’t hold back but it’s not too busy, it compliments the songs well. ‘Take My Heart’ is a highlight of the record, it shows the band as the tight knit unit they are and I particularly enjoyed the guitar solo. After a successful performance at Maverick Festival recently, the band are enjoying showcasing this EP in a live setting as well and the songs lend themselves well to those big festival performances. To conclude, it’s a great collection of songs, well worth a listen. 

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