“Shiners” Nashville

What happens when you combine Cirque style acrobatics, aerialists, and body contortionists with a family of moonshiners?  You come up with the hit Nashville, TN show “Shiners.”  The brainchild of Country Music artist, Chuck Wicks, also known for his appearances on the TV shows “Dancing with the Stars” and “Nashville.” 

The 75-minute immersive show, which also interacts with the audience that is attending, is held in the Woolworth Theatre in historic downtown Nashville.  “Shiners” premiered back in September of 2022 and is the only adults only show of its kind in Music City currently.  I was fortunate enough to attend one of the sold out shows with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

There is adult humor and lots of jokes, but it is essentially a Las Vegas, Nevada style show set in Nashville.  In fact, Wicks, while auditioning performers for this show, hired many of the entertainers away from Las Vegas!  Chuck Wicks the Master of Ceremony of the “Shiners” show and does his own fair share of jokes as a member of the Shiner family. 

What started out as an entertainment experiment has now become a tourist and locals favorite and has continued to extend its local residency as the show hit $1 Million dollars in ticket sales this April.  Much like most of our own families the Shiner family features quirky relatives and Uncles that are a bit crazy, have amazing skills and are always funny.  The staging for the venue, in the Woolworth Theatre, feels like an old time Whiskey distillery. 

The glue that holds “Shiners” together, besides it being a family reunion, are the songs and comedy.  In a time when most entrepreneurs follow the safe and secure route Wicks made a bold move by creating a stage show aimed at adults that melds together so many forms or artists and entertainment in one program.  I found myself laughing with the audience and doing Oohs and Aahs with the performers defying gravity and accomplishing feats of strength, whilst making it look effortless.  Wicks partner in the Woolworth Theatre and “Shiners,” Rob Bellenfant, has illuded to the fact that they might be launching more shows and concepts in the near future? 

In the lower section of basement you can also enjoy adult beverages in The Twisted Wool lounge, before or after the show, in a West Coast style lounge that features drinks with fun names to match the show.  When I was invited to attend the show I wasn’t certain what to expect, but after seeing it in person I would happily attend it again and take friends and family. 

Nashville has so many things to offer visitors including Broadway, Museums, Clubs, Listening Rooms, Concerts, incredible Restaurants, History and songwriters.  But a show like “Shiners” was just what Music City needed, providing another choice for entertainment in a beautiful venue.  If you’re traveling to Nashville in the near future I do recommend that you or your tickets early since “Shiners” has added more performance nights to the schedule and they continue to sell these shows out too.  The main website is www.ShinersNashville.com

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