Sinead Burgess ‘Rolling Stones’ out August 4th


Following the exciting news that Australian singer-songwriter Sinead Burgess will hit the road with Kezia Gill on her 8-date UK tour this October, she is thrilled to announce that her new single “Rolling Stones” will be released on August 4th!

A song for lovers of the magical 70’s, with Sinead‘s vocals reminiscent of Linda Ronstadt, it will resonate with anyone who has a soundtrack to their first love story and has the power to transport their soul back to times that have passed. With its powerful hook, roaring harmonica throughout, and a killer guitar solo, “Rolling Stones” captures the spirit of the time. This is Sinead‘s first new release in two years and it’s one hell of a comeback!

When asked about the song, Sinead said “I originally had the idea for this song a while back, thinking about the ability music has to instantly transport you to a moment in your life. Whether it’s a whole record, an artist or a song, anytime I hear something from a pivotal time in my life, it brings me right back to where it impacted me. Sometimes it can be a sad moment, other times it’s more a postcard from a place you knew once. This one is a feeling of joyful celebration of a time in your life where all that mattered was the moment you were in & the people you were with. The feeling of coming of age and all the highs that come with it.

I got together on Zoom with my friend and co-writer Brian Koppelman and played him the very bare bones of what I had, which sounded and felt completely different to what we ended up with! We turned it completely upside down and re-wrote the whole thing which brought it to such a special place. Brian said “man, this needs to feel like a 70s folk rock song”. He was so right, it took on a new life in that session!

I wanted the production to encompass all of the things I love about that era of music, my favourite era! I wanted it to feel like a jam session full of backing vocals, killer bass lines, blaring harmonica, a 70s boxy guitar solo and a slamming drummer. I really wanted to be true to the honesty and joy we felt when writing it. I was fortunate enough to get the legendary Steve Gorman (Black Crowes, Stereophonics) to play on this and he really brought it home to where it needed to be!”

“It’s been a couple of years since I released a new single, so needless to say I am dying to share this next chapter of my story with everyone. I thought this would be a fun place to start and there’s plenty more to come!”

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