60 seconds with Runaway June – C2C edition

Prior to a super busy few days for the group, Runaway June took time out of their schedule to let us know what they have in store for C2C
How are you feeling about C2C?
Naomi Cooke: We came over last year to write with some BMG writers here and that was such a fun experience, but we haven’t performed yet. We’ve been dying to!
Hannah Mulholland: We’re excited to see the fans because we’ve heard the best things about the crowds here, so this will be the first time we’re experiencing the crowds.
You’re playing five times over the weekend, which is remarkable – how did that come about?
Hannah: I don’t know! There are some that I don’t even know if we’re going to be able to get there – we have one at 9 and one at 9:30 or something, so I hope we get to five shows, but we’ll see!
Naomi: This is not a place that we’ll be able to come often so we want to take advantage of being here and do as much as we can. Hopefully we haven’t overstepped and hopefully we’ll make it to every show!
Hannah: It’s exciting that we can play that many times, it’s a really good feeling.
Were you shocked to be headlining the Spotlight Stage?
Jennifer Wayne: Yeah!! We’re shocked to headline any stage, over the years you play so many types of stages and tents where there’s nobody in them and you just go through all of the rounds. To be at the point where we’re headlining any stage is just an amazing feeling.
Naomi: It feels really good, we’ve really been on the grind for years – and we still are – but it’s always an honour to see that we’re headlining. We always feel like, ‘oh my God, are we ready for this? Like, this is a lot of responsibility!’ but it’s exciting. To be doing that here in the UK feels really kind of surreal.

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