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Eilidh Patterson

Album review – ‘Sunshine’ by Eilidh Patterson

10 October 2018 CD Reviews news

Eilidh Patterson
A very impressive release from the Northern Ireland star

Fans of Eilidh Patterson will know that one of the notable characteristics from her songs is warmth – her vocals in particular wrap around you like a blanket in the winter. Now on her fourth album, that hasn’t changed in the slightest. Opening with the upbeat title track Sunshine, Patterson takes you on a journey that’s finely woven by gentle guitar strings and a superb voice. This is epitomised on True Love is Returned – perhaps the standout track on the album – and it’s very easy to find you being swept away by the structure of the song and the “a-woo” element of the chorus. It’s been almost a decade since Patterson released her first album, ‘When the Time Comes’, but she sounds better than ever on her most recent release.


Rob Ramsey