Album Review: 'That Was Then' by Sarah Yeo

Sarah Yeo
A lovely collection of songs from a very talented artist
 As soon as the electric guitar bursts into life on The Way You Make Me Feel, the opening track of Sarah Yeo’s latest album ‘That Was Then’, you as a listener are immediately hooked. It’s not often that the first few seconds of a song can really lock you in, but Yeo has certainly managed that and the rest of the songs don’t disappoint in any way. From the delicate Flying to the comparatively fast paced What Does It Matter, Yeo displays how versatile she can be as an artist and captivates you the whole way through this eight-track album. The album closes with a very gentle and emotive offering in Easilythat builds up into a very powerful climax and ultimately caps off a very good album with a hugely impressive track. With excellent vocals, top guitar work and most importantly of all, very good songs, this is very much an album that deserves to be heard. You’ll be wishing that there are more tracks to get stuck into by the time it comes to an end.
Rob Ramsey

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