Taller and more robust than its guitar BOSS amp relative the BOSS Dual Cube BASS LX has 40 years of history backing it up.  To handle the bass frequencies the twin speakers are larger coming in at 5-inches each.  The BASS LX is powered by a 10-watt stereo power amp and has five different preamp types.  These include Rock, Modern, Vintage, Flat and Super Flat.  Compressor/drive is built-in along with effects including chorus, touch wah, reverb, flanger and delay.  The amp control configuration includes Master Volume, Volume, and a 3 band EQ on top.  There are storage slots for 15 amp and effects of your choosing.  A total of 27 various drum patterns are loaded into the Cube BASS LX ranging from Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Metal, Latin, Metronome and Country.  The Rhythm Guide section also has tap tempo and a variation switch.  A looper section is also on top of the amp with a phones/record output jack next to it.  The Cube Bass LX is powered by the included AC adapter or eight AA batteries with the compartment on the back on the amp.  The Dual Cube Bass LX Editor allows for further adjustments of preamps and effects to your tonal tastes.  Connectivity on the back of the amplifier includes stereo XLR outputs, footswitch for the Rhythm Guide or Looper and USB output.  Optional Bluetooth adapter can be purchased and attached to the back as well.  More than a small portable bass amp that is built sturdy and sounds amazing the BOSS Dual Cube BASS LX is also an effects pedal unit, looper and rhythm section all in one.  For home practice, recording or light jamming the Cube BASS LX provides everything a bass player could possibly desire in one portable unit! 



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Eric Dahl, Editor



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