Robyn Ottolini drops her new EP, ‘Growing Up To Do’

In a whirlwind of life changes, Canadian-born country sensation Robyn Ottolini navigated significant transformations in 2023, including a move to a new country, the end of a long-term relationship and a transition to a new team in her career. Now she emerges stronger than ever with the release of her new EP, ‘Growing Up To Do’. Ottolini invites listeners into her world as she candidly reflects on the challenges and triumphs of adulthood.


Known for her honest storytelling, Ottolini’s lead single, ‘Heartless,’ captures the pain of leaving a relationship that, while kind and supportive, hindered her pursuit of a music career. Ottolini gets real about ‘Heartless’ and what events inspired the song admitting the single is “super emotional for me.”

Otollini explains, “Ending my relationship to pursue my career felt selfish, especially because my ex was so kind to me. There was nothing really wrong with our relationship, but I felt I couldn’t throw myself into music the way I wanted to while prioritizing our relationship, traveling back to Canada, and touring. He is truly so lovely, my family loved him, my friends loved him, I loved him — it was hard. The lyric ‘you didn’t hurt me, nobody’s screaming, I’m simply putting a box in a backseat’ really sums up how heartless it made me feel. It’s still so sad when I think about it because it’s just timing I guess. I’m still processing that one.”

‘Growing Up To Do’ is more than a fresh start for Ottolini, the EP showcases her growth as an artist while remaining true to her unique style and heartfelt storytelling. Produced by Cameron Jaymes, the EP features six tracks encapsulating the rollercoaster of emotions that come with navigating life and growing up.


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