Elles Bailey releases ode to romance ‘Leave The Light On’


UK-based blues artist Elles Bailey has unveiled her latest single, ‘Leave The Light On’, hot on the heels of announcing her upcoming album and securing the ‘Vocalist Of The Year’ accolade at the recent UK Blues Awards. The track, the second release from her forthcoming album ‘Beneath The Neon Glow’, slated for 9th August, showcases Bailey’s genre-blending prowess.

An infectious anthem driven by guitar melodies and brimming with emotion, ‘Leave The Light On’ captures Bailey at her zenith. Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Bailey shared, “You have to be a certain selfless type of person who supports another to realise their dreams and that’s exactly the type of person I married. So this is my autobiographical open and honest love letter to my husband.”

The narrative behind the track stemmed from a personal experience when Bailey missed her train home from London, returning late at night consumed by guilt over her prolonged absence. However, upon arriving home, she found solace in the welcoming gesture of a light left on outside her house. This poignant moment served as the catalyst for ‘Leave The Light On’.

‘Beneath The Neon Glow’, Bailey’s upcoming album, is an amalgamation of British roots, Americana, and blues woven across ten tracks. Helmed by producer Dan Weller (known for his work with Enter Shikari) and recorded with Bailey’s proficient live band, the album delves into the multifaceted nature of love through candid lyricism. From heartbreak to the enduring bonds of friendship and romance, Bailey traverses the spectrum of human emotions with unflinching honesty, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into her journey.

Asserting her commitment to a lasting career in music, Bailey remarked, “I might be new to some people, but I have been around for quite a long while. I’m not here for a flash-in-the-pan moment. I want a long-term career in music.” Expressing her passion for performing and her aspirations to reach wider audiences, Bailey is set to embark on a major UK headline tour later this year, including a performance at London’s Islington Assembly Hall on November 2nd.


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