Emilia Quinn signs to w21Records

It’s a huge week for Americana Artist, Emilia Quinn. Following the news that she has signed a contract with w21Records, she announces that her first single to be released on the label ‘Child’ is out on Friday 18th November 2022!

From an unreleased song to a more hopeful, inspiring piece, Emilia shares the emotional transformation of a lyric….

I began writing this song with a few lines stolen from a previous song of mine I never did anything with. “If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t want her to be like me”. These lyrics were not headed in the direction this song heads in, but rather a regretful, past-tense song on a fictional life of bad decisions.

But when I sat at the piano and took that line, which had stuck with me for over a year, the song took a new, more hopeful direction. With the things happening at my stage in life, career ramping up, getting married and other bits and pieces of being an adult, it’s only natural for some to think about kids. I’ve always known I want kids one day and I’ve often thought about what values, beliefs and pieces of wisdom I would want to pass down the generation. How would I want to raise my kids?

And let’s face it I’m not about to raise any the ‘conventional’ way, for lack of a better word… I was raised to be open minded, to accept my feelings and to try and understand others, even if we didn’t agree. I’ve always been quite self-aware and I hope that’s made me empathic towards other people too.

But I also think there’s a lot to learn from our new generation. New ways of thinking, new points of view and those can be nurtured through kindness and understanding.

So, while I thought about how I might raise my children eventually, Child became a song.

Pre-save ‘Child’ now HERE!

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