Ernie Ball Instrument & Headphone Cable

Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 01.57.10

Ernie Ball just created a cable that has three inputs instead of two.  Now you can run your guitar/bass signal to your amplifier and connect headphones or in-ear monitors (IEMS) through the same cable run with no latency.  The mono cable ends are for your instrument and the threaded 1/8” to ¼” stereo inputs are for the headphones all in an 18-foot cable.  Professional Ernie Ball construction and it works great with multi-channel snakes on stage.  This Instrument & Headphone Cable can also be utilised in reverse to split your signal to another recording interface or digital amplifier.  Either way you use it, this cable is built to last and maintain the integrity of your sound.  Replace two cables with one with the new Ernie Ball Instrument & Headphone Cable so you have one less to roll up at the end of the gig! 

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