Ernie Ball Pegs a New Power supply!

Ernie Ball

The new Volt isolated power supply by Ernie Ball can power your 9- & 18-volt pedals and keep the noise of inconsistent power sources out of your sound chain!

For the price Volt delivers more than its competitors and includes Led status indicators per output.  My favorite feature is the diminutive size that can fit any pedalboard you are creating! It also includes AC adapters (for UK, US, EU & China) and five power cables to juice up your pedals.  Ernie also just released the Pegwinder plus that features a bigger grip, ball bearing action and a bridge pin puller!

Ernie Ball keeps making cool guitar stuff for players.

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Media contact

Zoe Hodges,
Editor, Maverick Magazine

Tel: +44 (0) 1622 823920

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