Feature: 60 seconds with Kerry Fearon

At Millport Country Music Festival 2019, Maverick spoke to Kerry Fearon, who performed two sets over the course of the weekend. 
How have you found Millport?
I couldn’t see much of it on the first day because the rain was so bad yesterday, but the second day it looked a lot prettier! It’s really cute.
You keep yourself very busy in the music world, how is the radio work going?
Good! I just recently finished a show with Downtown Country – they are in Northern Ireland and in the same building as Downtown Radio and Cool FM. I was with them for four years, but now I’m doing my own show now on community radio, which has given me more scope to do whatever I want.
At the minute, I’m pushing more into more rootsy stuff, Americana and even folk Bluegrass. These are all aspects of country music that I love and it means I can have guests in too, so I’m really happy to do that.
Going back to your music, a new single came out in June – how’ve you found the reception to that?
Yeah, I think it was June. It’s my version of the Bob Dylan track To Ramona and it’s been doing well, it’s been getting a good lot of airplay. It’s still getting airplay too, so I’m delighted with it.
In terms of new music have you got anything on the horizon?
Last year, I released my debut album and to me, it was very radio safe and very traditional country. I love traditional country and I love the honky tonk sound as well, but it was very radio safe, so To Ramonawas the first step of my next project.
I have some more songs recorded and I will be releasing maybe a single again in maybe October/November time – I’m still going with country, but I’m leaning more towards rootsy Americana stuff, so I will see how it goes.
Is there anything you’re working on at the minute that you’re finding very exciting?
I have a few duets lined up and it’s exciting to be able to work with other artists, but apart from that, a cousin of mine called Dave Murphy is a songwriter from New Jersey and he has got six albums out already.
I decided in March to send his music out and he got some airplay in Glasgow, so I’ve put together a two-week tour for him and another songwriter called Paul Sacks. I’m really excited about that.

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