Holly Lerski’s ‘Sweet Decline’ is out today


Today marks the release of UK-based alt-Americana artist Holly Lerski’s highly anticipated album, ‘Sweet Decline’. Combining elements of folk, pop and country, the album is a testament to Lerski’s journey of self-discovery and creative resurgence following a period of heartbreak.

Inspired by the pain of a breakup, Lerski embarked on a transformative solo road trip across the United States. From the towering mountains to the vast deserts, she found solace and inspiration in the diverse landscapes and encounters with strangers turned friends. Reflecting on her journey, Lerski shares, “I went off to find America and found myself in this incredible landscape I’d only ever dreamed of.”

The album, structured in two distinct “suites”, captures the essence of Lerski’s travels, with each song representing a chapter of her emotional and musical evolution. From the upbeat melodies of ‘Chicago’ and ‘Tall Trees’ to the introspective title track, ‘Sweet Decline’, Lerski’s songwriting delves into themes of resilience, healing, and the beauty of human connection.

“‘Sweet Decline’ is not just an album, it’s a journey of healing and discovery,” says Lerski. “I hope it resonates with listeners and inspires them to embrace life’s adventures, no matter how challenging.”

Prior to the album’s release, Lerski unveiled several singles, each showcasing her distinctive sound and storytelling prowess. Accompanied by captivating visuals and praised by critics, these singles have set the stage for ‘Sweet Decline’s’ arrival onto the music scene.

Collaborating with acclaimed musicians from both sides of the Atlantic, including James “Hutch” Hutchinson and Tony Braunagel in LA, and Matt Roley and SistaStrings in Nashville, Lerski has crafted a collection of songs that transcend genres and borders. The result is a deeply personal yet universally resonant musical experience.

As Lerski continues to share her music and stories with the world, she remains true to her roots as a passionate storyteller and seeker of truth. With ‘Sweet Decline’, she invites listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and the enduring power of music to heal and connect.


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