Musicians need to practice and play guitar daily, but that isn’t easy to achieve when we need to practice quietly and not bother others.  The new Donner HUSH-I Silent guitar is designed so that you can plug in the included earbuds or your own headphones into the guitar and only hear yourself while playing.  What makes the HUSH-I great is that it secures into an ultra-small footprint gig bag that can fit on an airplane, your car, or any tight space.  The leg rest and top bout of the guitar are made of metal and attach with a magnetic Hex wrench that fits into the back body of the guitar.  This is a headless guitar so that you can hang it on a wall by the top metal frame.  The strings feed in reverse with the ball ends at the top and the end of the strings at the bottom where the machine heads are located.  The body and neck are constructed of Mahogany wood and the neck has a flat profile that feels great in your hands.  Electronics wise the Piezo pickup is built into the bridge and the Phase; Volume and two band EQ are on the top of the body.  The strap buttons are located on the back of the neck and at the input jack on the bottom.  The HUSH-I plays incredible and sounds great plugged into an amplifier or PA system.  The only challenging part is using the Hex wrench for the tuning machine heads at the bottom of the guitar, but it does hold tune very well thanks to the bone nut and HPL fretboard.  For the playability, sound quality and features you can’t beat the Donner HUSH-I for the price, and it includes strap, Hex wrench, picks, tuner and earbuds! 


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Eric Dahl, Editor


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