Ian Prowse – Compañeros

Learpholl Recordings
Ian Prowse makes a welcome return with his second solo album, Compañeros.
Compañeros, Ian Prowse’s latest album, isn’t the easiest to rate out of five. I’ve not given it a perfect score as it didn’t blow me away, but it’s a very listenable 50 minutes of material that I can’t really fault (I’ll admit that the press release also says ‘listenable,’ but it’s a very suitable adjective). From jaunty soft-rock opener Town And Country Blues, all the way to the very enjoyable closer, Name & Number 2016, Compañeros doesn’t fail in its bid to entertain.
This is a good selection of varied tracks, all delivered with a trademark Merseyside/Celtic tinge. Prowse may well be in his 50s now, but with the abundance of energy and pace on offer here, it’s evident that he harbours no plans of slowing down. His material is all the better for it, with songs like Derry Gaol and Spare Change providing further proof that Prowse remains an artist with fresh ideas and a cutting edge.
The name of the album – in case you were wondering – derives from the fact that these are all songs that Prowse has heard on his travels as a musician. Compañeros gives these songs a new and welcome lease of life, and in that respect, the album also serves as a fitting reflection on Prowse’s career to date.
This is an easy album to recommend. It perhaps fails to provide any breathtaking moments, but it’s a very solid production with absolutely no filler. Much like a good spread of sandwiches with no cucumber thrown in (unless, of course, you enjoy the ubiquitous crunchy aqueous space-waster).
Ian Horne

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