J R Harbidge shares new track 'Wrong Side of the Fight'

J R Harbidge has given fans a taster of what is to come from his upcoming new album by releasing lead single Wrong Side of the Fight. You can listen to the song here or watch the video below.
Harbidge’s second album ‘Long Black River’ will be released on April 30 and Wrong Side of the Fight is the first single from that, with the Cannock based artist following up on his 2018 debut ‘First Ray of Light’.
Speaking about the song, Harbidge said that it has been kicking around for over 25 years, but only got finished in 2020 as the artist simply couldn’t find a melody for it until that point, while also offering some insight as to how the album went for him.

“It’s a song that started life when we were 15 and got completed when I turned 41,” Harbidge said. ““I remember having that music on a four-track X28H multi-track recorder as a teenager and I have spent years trying to get a melody for it. That song waited until 2020 to disclose its undeclared magic. Songwriting is a mysterious process, isn’t it?

“This album was both a joy and a chore at the same time.  I loved writing and recording the songs, I loved getting some fantastic musicians playing on the album and I loved collaborating with a new collaborator on one of the songs.  I also loved getting loads of my FB and Instagram friends to sing on the ‘yob chorus’ at the end of side-by-side: all great experiences!”


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