Katie Armiger advocates for Tennessee anti-harassment Bill

Country singer Katie Armiger is supporting a proposed bill in Tennessee providing better protection against sexual harassment.
Billboard reports that the singer has spoken about her own experiences, saying, ““I had an opportunity to have a career in an industry that I love, country music, from the ages of 14 to 24 and I was fortunate enough to be able to sing and perform all across the country. But in the last three years, after having been exposed to many different uncomfortable situations over much of my time as an artist, I felt pressure to choose between my self-worth and respect, or performing.”

Armiger claims that being a musician signed to a record label “is a relatively undefined position,” since the musician is not considered an employee. The bill would, however, allow a person under contract to bring a sexual-harassment action the same way as an employee can.

The #MeToo movement against sexual harassment is still ongoing, with the Oscars Award Ceremony including a speech by Frances McDormand to sign the Inclusion Rider.
The House version of the bill will be heard by the House Human Resources subcommittee on Wednesday.

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