Maddie & Tae believe it's still 'trickier' for female artists within country music

Maddie & tae

Country music duo Maddie & Tae are firmly of the belief that females within the genre are “neglected” and find it “trickier” than their male counterparts to succeed.
The duo, made up of Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye, famously smashed through the doors of Nashville with their debut single, ‘Girl in a County Song’ from their ‘Start Here’ album, which is all about how women are regarded within the country music genre.
Speaking to All Access in the aftermath of their latest single, ‘Friends Don’t’, the duo insisted that their experiences are no joke, and lifted the lid on how females are treated behind the scenes in country music.
“We released ‘Girl In A Country Song’ to kind of wake people up,” Marlow said “It talks about not being a girl in a country song, but also about how we’re being neglected in this genre.
“I do think it’s gotten better since we first came onto the scene, but it’s still hard. Even right now with ‘Friends Don’t,’ it’s really hard out there.
“It’s hard for any artist to get their song played, but I think it’s trickier for women. A lot of that stuff you just can’t control – if a station wants to play your song or not – you just have to make great relationships and be kind.
“We just hope that we’re making music, as females, that people – men and women – can connect with and relate to, because that’s our job as songwriters.
“So, hopefully we make that connection with people through music. It’s a mystery to me, because there are great female artists that aren’t getting airplay, and it blows my mind.”
Maddie & Tae have a concept album on the horizon, which will be their first under the Mercury Nashville label, and have plans for a tour in the autumn of 2018.

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