Margo Price postpones launch of 'That's How Rumors Get Started'

Margo Price

Margo Price has postponed the release of her upcoming album ‘That’s How Rumors Get Started’ indefinitely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The album, Price’s third studio effort, was due to be released on May 8, but as a result of the pandemic and how it is impacting the world, Price has been left with little choice but to halt proceedings.
As of yet, there isn’t a date locked in for it to be rescheduled to, but speaking about the situation, Price said that she’s still keen to release some singles and that she cannot wait to get out into the world once the pandemic is over to play her new material.
“Sometimes circumstances are beyond our control,” Price explained. “I would say that’s the case for folks everywhere in the world right now. Life is postponed until further notice.
“I would love nothing more than for everyone to hear my next album in it’s entirety but it’s just not gonna be May 8th. More realistically, it’s going to be this summer. Even the record plants have halted production of vinyl.
“I want to be able to play this album live and tour with my band all over the world and I know that time will come. In the meantime, I’m still going to release some singles and be making lots of music for y’all anyway that I possibly can.
“Until then, take care of yourselves, be good to each other and this weary planet… and watch what you say and who you trust, because we all know… That’s How Rumors Get Started”
The previous effort from Margo Price, ‘All American Made’, elevated her to a whole new platform as the album played a big part in her being nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist.

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