Review: ‘About Time’ – Hannah White

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Following her critically acclaimed 2020 album ‘Hannah White and the Nordic Connections’, ‘About Time’ dives deep into the personal experiences she’s experienced of domestic abuse and homelessness. Memories she’d previously tried to run from or hide away, she speaks of openly on this record which makes it a brave and bold, honest and authentic lyrical experience. The single ‘Car Crash’ is a shining example of the truthfulness of this whole album. The emotion she conveys in her vocal delivery gives you chills as her words tug at your heart strings. Throughout the album, the production is sparse but less is more, it gives her words and that flawless voice the space to hammer home their message. For all the heartbreak on this record, there is also uplifting moments such as ‘It Will Be Alright’ and my personal favourite, ‘Broken Bird’. She sets the scene well, painting a picture in the listeners mind with her lyrics. Her vocals beautifully bringing those simple melodies to life. It’s an astonishing collection of songs from White, if her last record was nominated for Album of the Year at the UK Americana Awards, then this one should certainly win it! 

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