Review: ‘All Alone’ – Steven Graves

All Alone’ faces the trials and tribulations of the world, head on as Steven Graves explores the universal themes of loneliness, fear and anger caused by the pandemic whilst also asking tough questions to each and every listener about their impact on topics like climate change.

You’re The One is an upbeat track with a finely tuned production, the addition of the B3 organ really contributes an extra dimension. The track is uplifting and the chorus hook is catchy but not in a throw-away pop kind of way. There is a simple charm to the song that sets it apart. Graves use of different textures and timbres to accompany his message is unusual within the genre but thats not a complaint as the title track and Always Here play host to a horn section and saxophones that help to bolster the arrangement.

The album concludes with Good People, a bright, cheerful song to finish the album which has taken you on a bit of a rollercoaster ride through the facts of life. His vocals are natural and raw in his delivery and despite his ability to tackle difficult subjects head on he does it with a sense of hope and optimism. 

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