Review: ‘Awake’ – Mala Oreen

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The singer-songwriter and violinist has carved a unique sound on her new album ‘Awake’. She really plays to her strengths with the effective use of the violin which adds to and compliments each song.

With a lovely tone to her voice she tells unique and sometimes haunting stories with her beautiful melodies taking you on a journey throughout the record. Highlights come in the form of ‘Offspring’ which features a lovely arrangement and production.

‘Threshold’ also offers a production that matches the lyrical content, a sense of freedom oozing from the soundscapes she creates. Her songwriting feels authentic yet with a hint of mystery such as in the song ‘Ragged Queen’.

Throughout the record though, it is her voice I marvel at, particularly on the title track, ‘Awake’. She exhibits such control, it’s flawless throughout. This may be one of the best folk albums you’ll hear all year. Oreen is a very talented lady. 

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