Review: Barry Oreck – Leap Year

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Oreck’s fourth studio album, ‘Leap Year’ incorporates a range of genres from folk to bluegrass and country.

With the support of his band, Jesse Miller (guitar, mandolin, and vocals), Rima Fand (violin and vocals), and Adam Armstrong (bass), Oreck creates some beautiful vocal harmonies which helps to bring the thought-provoking lyrics to life.

He began exploring these songs as the world shut down for two years due to Covid and this is the end result. The record opens with the compelling ‘Each Song is a Seed’ which touches upon the power of a song to flatten your defences and capture the heart.

Producer/Engineer, Bob Harris has done a brilliant job with the production which shouldn’t be overlooked. The stand out track comes in the form of the closing track, ‘Life in the Bubble’ which directly addresses the struggle of the pandemic, documenting this moment in history the way Oreck saw it.

It’s simple and stripped back but the lyrics are strong and relatable and the producton allows them the space they need to land with the listener. 

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