Review: Ben Walker – Banish Air From Air

The musicianship on this record is outstanding. Walker is famed for his award-winning finger style guitar picking brings to life tales of ghost stories, philosophy, alchemy and science on this record which showcases him at his very best as he presents a collection of instrumentals, traditional material and reimagined poems as well as his first attempts at songwriting. Opening the record with the title track we hear a simple stripped back production build with orchestral strings framing Sophie Jamieson’s vocals and harmonies. A haunting synth adds to the atmospheric soundscape Walker has created. Instrumental ‘Starlings’ paints the picture of birds in flight, capturing their elegance in his classical guitar style and delicate arrangement. Meanwhile, ‘King Storm’ shows a whole new side Walker particularly with the slightly heavier production. It’s a far cry from the country music that I usually listen to and write about, but good music is good music and Walker’s album deserves to be heard by the masses.  

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