Review: Birte Paulsen BORROWED TIME

Birte Paulsen
Self released
3 stars
Indie folk noir with a sigh of Nordic melancholy from Brighton’s German expat
Well known in the Brighton area, Birte Paulsen has been writing and performing for years but this is her full length debut where she pays homage to her Northern European roots. She finds a certain beauty in sadness and this is reflected in the dark nature of the fare on offer. Familiar themes of lost love, broken relationships and vulnerability but all exploring the darker side of life make this a listenable collection but not one for the depressed. Birte is joined by some of Brighton’s best; Brothers Alfie (bass, ukulele, percussion) and Ben Weedon (violin) and the self styled ‘queen of indie noir’ Mishkin Fitzgerald on piano and accordian. Birte returns to her roots with Berlin and Fresenhof (no translation provided) but I enjoyed Blue Winter Skies, a catchy number with a great percussive accompaniment as the artist dreams of locking her lover in and throwing away the key; happy melody but with the inevitable dark lyrics. Pleasant voice, mature song writing but avoid if you need cheering up. John Roffey

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