Review: ‘Broken Down Love’ – Peter Rogan

Recorded in Nashville the 12 track follow up to ‘Still Tryin To Believe’ is Rogan’s best record to date. Ten original tracks sit alongside a Memphis soul version of the Rolling Stonesʼ ‘Itʼs Only Rock nʼRoll’ and an up-tempo version of John Hiattʼs ‘Thank You Girl’. The former features a brilliant horn arrangement. The originals boast catchy melodies and good lyricism. The album begins with the title track which comes to life in the chorus as the backing vocals, sublime in their delivery swirl around the hook, supported by what sounds like a Hammond B3 Organ. ‘Back to Natchez’ is a classic storytelling song, the production and arrangement perfectly complementing the open road lyric. Meanwhile, a sense of nostalgia permeates from ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Rain’. ‘Ships A Burnin’ is a highlight, upbeat and oozing with positivity, it allows both Rogan and the listener to have hope for the future. It also boasts a great guitar solo instead of a bridge or middle eight. It’s a strong collection of songs framed by a wonderful production. 

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