Review: C. Daniel Boling – New Old Friends with Tom Paxton

New old friends cover

On a complete album on co-writes, Boling shines as the main man in charge. If Daniel Boling tells you to ‘Get A Life’, he knows what he’s talking about. A cheeky opener to this album, the bluegrass and folk sound across this album give it an airy but still impactful feeling as its combined with the lyrics. There are slower moments on the record with the romantic ‘How Did You Know, which encapsulates that feeling of being an awkward teenager sending anonymous Valentine’s cards (or maybe that’s just us). The line ‘I went ass over teacup’ from ‘Bear Spray And Barbwire’ might be our favourite wordplay of the year so far. The writing is really the focus of Boling’s work here, every song is crafted and designed so that the lyrics can dazzle. It’s storytelling to the max, imagery dances across the mind upon listening and the album sways from happy to sad, love to loss from track to track with certain feet.  


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