Review: Courtney Hale Revia – ‘Growing Pains’

After the success of her previous two albums ‘Simple Things’ and ‘Tattered’, Hale-Revia is back with her third record ‘Growing Pains’. The new album takes a more personal approach to the lyrics whilst the production is simple yet effective – sparse, giving the vocals room to deliver their tale. The Texas native draws upon typical country themes of small town life on opening track ‘One Way Out’. There’s an eeriness to the instrumentation and arrangement of the song. My favourite track on the record is ‘Rainbows At Night’. It’s an upbeat track on the surface with a great fiddle in the introduction. My only criticism is I’d like to hear Hale-Revia’s vocals a little higher in the mix as she has a strong voice and her wonderful lyrics get a little lost. To summarise though, it’s a brilliant record which showcases Courtney Hale-Revia’s ability to write a good thought-provoking song, her father was a songwriter and it sounds as if she had the best tutor. It’s all set to a traditional instrumentation that stays true to her roots.

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Zoe Hodges, Editor


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